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Posted on Feb 26, 2016 in Uranium in the News

Low-cost radon test kits available for New Mexico residents

Low-cost radon test kits available for New Mexico residents

The state of New Mexico is offering residents kits to test for the presence of radon in their homes for $7.95.

Radon is an odorless and invisible gas that can increase the risk of lung cancer, especially among people who smoke. The only way of know if it is seeping into your home is by testing.

Local hardware stores offer kits for under $25, but people can order the low-cost kits by going to the Department of Health’s Environmental Public Health Tracking Program at

A news release from the state Department of Health says radon testing is easiest and most effective in cooler months, when house are closed up to keep the heat inside.

If a test shows evidence of radon, people should call the Environment Department at 505-476-8606 to get information about how to reduce and minimize their exposure.

Radon is the second-leading cause of lung cancer in the U.S. after smoking and the leading cause of lung cancer among nonsmokers, according to the news release.